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Elite Tutorials
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Are you tired of digging through pages and pages of bad tutorials? This is the place for you. This community is strictly moderated, and before you can post any tutorials of any kind, you must apply and be approved. If you can't handle rejection, please don't apply. I don't have any intentions of being bias or hurting anyones feelings. So if you aren't approved, simply try reapplying in 7 days so that you have some time to work on improving your artwork.

Apply here. Read the rules below before applying.

If you simply wish to watch the community, simply friend elite_tutorial. Thank you!


What Can Be Posted

Any tutorial of an original artwork. This can be anything from icons to textures to collages, so please don't be shy. Just make sure they are 100% original, because if I find you guilty of theft, you will be banned immediately. If you have specific permission to post a tutorial for someobody else, please make that clear and include their user name or e-mail address etc. so that there's some way to get ahold of them for feedback and any other questions.

Icons/banners/brushes/any other original creation may be posted as long as you have at least one tutorial included in the post. Otherwise forget about it, off-topic posts will be deleted and you will be warned.

Explicit material is also allowed, as long as it is included under an LJ-cut and there is a clear warning for adult material outside of the cut.


LJ-cuts should be used when you are posting any image heavy tutorial or any post containing large-scaled images. Also use cuts w/ explicit material, which is mentioned in the rule above. We don't want any kiddies wandering here and getting this place kicked off the internet because someone simply forgot to include a warning and LJ-cut for a pic of the naked pretzel...

For more information on how to use, LJ-cuts, go here.


Always include a teaser for the tutorial you're submitting, whether you're x-posting or not. For icons, at least one image is required so people can at least get an idea of what they're going to try to achieve. For large images, please include the teaser in thumbnail form. Before and after pics are love. If broken links arise, you'll be sent a notification and I'll give you three days to fix whatever the problem may be.


Before posting your tutorial, check the memories. As impossible as it sounds, someone *may* have posted an extremely similar tutorial. Yeah, sad story, I know. But the whole point of being an artist is being original, right? :D

Make your posts worth while. Include what program you're using and what else it may work with or not work with, thorough details and images of each step, and an altogether neat composure. Sloppy tutorials are not that fun, which is why this tutorial is elite after all.


As each tutorial is submitted, I'll be adding them to the memories under categories that I, myself, will create. If you want to add tags to your creations, that's fine. Actually, it will probably help me out when I organize those too. ^^


Please type in your favorite number in the subject line of your applications so that I know you thoroughly read the rules. Otherwise, for the rest of the rules, apply here.


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