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3 Tutorials (2 icons, 1 banner)

A set of three tutorials I posted on my journal. All made with Photoshop CS4, most of them translatable, with a few exceptions coloring wise that can be done using alternative adjustment layers.

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Hey all :) I just wrote 2 tutorials and a sort-of How To for using Exclusion layers over at my icon journal mowd_icons, located HERE.
Rules and Info:
-This tutorial is NOT translatable to other programs, because of the Color Adjustment Layers.
-DO NOT COPY THIS TUTORIAL EXACTLY!!! This is why I WILL NOT upload a psd. file, because I've had a few of my icons copied already.
-Let me know what you think of the tutorial! I like to know how I'm doing :)

Tutorial 1: How to go from Photobucket to Photobucket

Tutorial 2: How to go from Photobucket to Photobucket